rapid delivery

Rapid delivery

Achieve greater results, faster

Maximize the power of our software and jump-start your digital transformation with a delivery approach that has speed and reliability at its core.

"We’re able to accelerate at least getting that first version out, and we can do it very quickly. It’s a very visual and collaborative process."

Reduce implementation time

Being able to innovate quickly and release more frequently is a competitive advantage. We do it. You should, too.

We accelerate delivery by:

  • Using an agile delivery methodology that emphasizes short, frequent releases
  • Focusing on the Minimum Loveable Product instead of building for the end state
  • Targeting a first production release in under 90 days
  • Iterating continuously based on user feedback to promptly respond to business changes
Pega's delivery methodology

Learn how adopting an agile development methodology allows customers to realize their business benefits sooner.

How Pega helps businesses directly capture objectives

Learn how adopting an agile development methodology allows customers to realize their business benefits sooner.

Future-proof your investment

Nothing is worse than investing in a product only to realize months later that it’s already a fossil. Your software shouldn’t expire that quickly, nor should it become a maintenance nightmare.

With Pega, your solution will always reflect your current business and will be prepared for the evolution of your customers’ behavior. To that end, we adhere to these delivery best practices:

  • Capture business needs with Pega’s Directly Capture Objectives (DCO)
  • Build within the model
  • Develop iteratively with Agile
  • Foster a culture of continuous communication

Reduce total cost of ownership

With Pega, you spend less and get more.

Feature-rich applications easily connect to your existing data sources and eliminate upfront development costs. Maximizing reuse saves time and money as you scale your solution or extend Pega to other parts of the business. Quick Win packages produce a faster ROI.


Case Study

Focusing on the Patient Journey

C3i Solutions can now engage better with patients, and provide more value for customers with Pega's DCO technology.

Pega Consulting

We bring industry thought leadership, Pega product expertise, and a track record in successful project delivery to bear in every engagement.

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