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Software That Writes Your Software™

The time has come to abandon slow, expensive, and ineffective code-based development. Break down the walls to innovation. Increase productivity and let businesspeople design applications with low-code, cloud-based visual tools – and have the Pega Platform do the coding for you.

"On speed to development, Pegasystems allows us to build things once, build them quickly. We're seeing gains of 70, 80, 90 percent."

Software That Writes Your Software™ lets you design your way

Face it: you don’t know your customers as well as you think you do. You may have tried to wire together customer databases and sprinkled some reporting on top. You may have even attempted to analyze some customer data and a discern a few interesting nuggets of insight. But trying to keep up with all your customers all the time, let alone understanding what’s going to drive that next positive interaction – and acting on it – is really hard.

While the traditional CRM players have been promising rainbows and unicorns, we’ve been delivering real-time AI capabilities for years through the Pega Customer Decision Hub – a centralized, always-on "brain" that unleashes the power of predictive analytics, machine learning, and real-time decisioning across our customers' data, systems, and touchpoints – orchestrating engagement on, and across, customer interactions channels.

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Embracing low-code development

Move beyond low-code to no-code – creating a seamless partnership between business and IT.

Customer Success

Rapid app delivery drives change at NAB

Learn how rapid application delivery drove faster time to value and fostered business-IT collaboration to better serve customers.

Productivity for everyone

When software is built with code, only people who understand code can build software. Pega’s visual models let businesspeople – marketers, sellers, CX leaders, operations experts – build the software they need and drive productivity across the business. Need to process a new type of work? Draw the case lifecycle. Want to do 1:1 marketing? Design your decision strategies.

Don’t worry. IT isn’t going away. Building systems at the scale of the enterprise takes IT expertise. Pega gives developers the tools they need to design and architect applications as well as manage integrations, and DevOps. We use AI to find performance bottlenecks and sniff out best practice violations. We help IT empower their business partners to take joint ownership of their strategic applications.

Because your applications will be better with both business and IT involved.

Beyond future-proof. Future empowered.

Technology comes at you fast. That funky Javascript library your UX guy told you about? Already outdated. The mobile app you rolled last year? Ancient.

When you code applications, you take on the heavy lifting of keeping them up to date. Want to use the latest HTML templating? Recode the app. Want to increase performance with a new caching layer? Recode the app.

Design your application instead, and Pega keeps the code up to date for you. Model your responsive UX in Pega, and we generate code that bakes in the latest UX technology. We recode so you don’t have to.

And if you want to move to a new cloud platform or switch databases, Pega generates code optimized for the new infrastructure. No recoding required.

That’s not just future-proof. That’s future empowered.

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Pega scores highest in mobile development

Learn about Pega’s mobile development capabilities and how it enables collaboration.

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"As the speed of market requirements continue to accelerate ... if we didn’t have Pega, we would find it difficult to respond to customer needs."
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"Pega allows us to react … so we can be more flexible."
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